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Features at Elmswell Farm

Basic Information

  • Robbed out wall


  • Context: ELM_4101
    • file_image
    • Robber fill of North south aligned robbed out wall 4136
    • Ben Swain
    • 29-8-2020
  • Context: ELM_4136
    • file_image
    • Cut of robbed out wall 4101
    • Ben Swain
    • 30-8-2020


    • Formed through the robbing of a wall. The wall is no longer present leaving the cut 4136, and was backfilled with rubble 4101, probably stones broken from the removal of the wall. Runs parallel to F427 adn F434 - maybe part of hte same structure or contemporary structures.
      • David Wallace
    • 1-10-2020

Dating Narrative

  • No Interpretations


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