Features at Elmswell Farm

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Basic Information

  • Linear robber cut


  • Context: ELM_4078
    • file_image
    • Possible wall (probably robbed out) on North edge of trench
    • David Wallace
    • 26-8-2020
  • Context: ELM_4133
    • file_image
    • Cut of robbed out wall 4078
    • Ben Swain
    • 30-8-2020


    • Formed through the robbing of a wall. The wall, aligned E-W and on north edge of trench, which is no longer present was excavated leaving the cut 4078, this was later backfilled with presumable broken rubble stones from the removal of the wall 4078. Runs almost at a right angle to F436, parallel to F430 and F440 - potentially part of the same structure or comtemporary. Also butts up against 4084: a rubble spread area with potential contemporary material.
      • David Wallace
    • 30-9-2020

Dating Narrative

    • Late 1st to 2nd century AD. A small group of pottery including sherds from a small grey ware beaker, a grey ware rusticated jar, a high fired grey ware vessel and rock-gritted wares including a thin walled necked jar or bowl and a large jar with cordoned decoration. A handmade vessel with cordoned decoration was also present.
      • Chris Casswell
    • 4-12-2020