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Basic Information

  • Small rubbish pit truncating ditch F1108


  • Context: ELM_11010
    • Charcoal rich fill of small pit [11015], N edge of TR11
    • Doug Hopper
    • 25-8-2022
  • Context: ELM_11015
    • Cut of an Ovoid shaped small pit containing charcoal/burnt bone/pottery Northern edge of TR11
    • Bill Balding
    • 27-8-2022


    • This small ovoid shaped rubbish pit was first observed in the 2021 evaluation Trench 11 (but remained unexcavated that season) when it was considered to possibly represent a cremation burial due to the presence of burnt bone. Upon excavation during the 2022 season, it was found to contain a range of finds synonymous with a small dump of Roman rubbish such as a partially complete small bowl (SF164), numerous other sherds of different pottery fabrics and burnt bone (probably animal).
      • Ben Swain
    • 28-9-2022

Dating Narrative

  • No Interpretations