Features at Elmswell Farm

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Basic Information

  • Small discrete probable Iron Age/Romano-British storage pit


  • Context: ELM_11002
    • Cut of small pit in SE corner of TR11 (one of 3)
    • Graham Harrison
    • 24-8-2022
  • Context: ELM_11003
    • Fill of pit 11002
    • Graham Harrison
    • 24-8-2022


    • Probable small, shallow storage pit. The lack of finds suggests storage rather than rubbish. The feature could date to the Iron Age or early Romano-British period due to proximity and similarity in form/character to other pits in the area that could date to this period, although no dateable material was recovered. The feature is discrete but forms part of a group of 3 pits, including F1101 and F1103, of almost identical size and shape which may be broadly contemporary.
      • Ben Swain
    • 28-9-2022

Dating Narrative

  • No Interpretations