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Short Description:
Rubble fill in slot in SE corner of trench 4
Issued to
Jodie Hannis | 26/08/2022


    • Second/bottom layer of fill in N-S ditch in eastern side of trench. Likely a demolition event of a nearby wall which then filled the ditch. (4241) was initially interpreted as a possible robbed out wall or rubble line but when seen in section, it was confirmed to be part of this rubble fill. Finds from this layer of fill were much less than the upper fill (4242)
      • Jodie Hannis
    • 4-9-2022

Sketch Photo

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Stratigraphic Matrix


  • Moderately loose
  • Mid grey brown
  • Silty clay
  • Very frequent medium sized sub angular chalk rubble c. 0.20x0.10x0.03m, frequent gravel inclusions
  • L: 1.70m W: 1.30m D: 0.30m
  • Hand ex trowels, dry and sunny




  • Feature: ELM_465
    • N-S aligned roman ditch at the eastern end of trench 4

Record Details

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  • Jodie Hannis 26-8-2022
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