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Short Description:
Upper fill of ditch [4005]
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Nick Borman | 16/08/2018


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  • Firm
  • Mid reddish brown with occasional light reddish brown pockets.
  • Sandy silt
  • Frequent sub-angular small chalk stones. Occasional medium angular chalk stones.
  • Length - 2.0m Width - 0.80m Depth - 0.23m
  • Hand/sunny


FindtypeQuantity (No. fragments)Weight (g)Notes
Pot 2 19 Samian Ware. Further sherds from the decorated samian form 37 bowl found on context 4004 and 4006. AD100-150. (IM Rowlandson and HG Fiske, January 2019)
Pot 26 286 Roman. A single gritty fabric body sherd from a Dressel 20 amphora (Southern Spanish). Native tradition ware, legionary ware including a carinated bowl (York form BB, No. 3935-7), a bowl with split rim, a sherd of oxidised white slipped ware and a sherd from a rusticated jar in an oxidised fabric. AD100-150. (IM Rowlandson and HG Fiske, January 2019)
Pot 1 5 Prehistoric
Animal Bone 9 45 Pig - metapodial (distally unfused). Dog - left tibia (probably a puppy as proximal and distal epiphyses unfused). Chicken - complete coracoid (anomalous bone growth on medial portion indicative of a healed fracture or infection) (Dr Hannah Russ, January 2019)
Daub 10 87
Shell 6 127 Oyster. Edible Oyster (Ostrea edulis) MNI = 4 (Dr Hannah Russ, January 2019)
Flint 3 20 2 flakes (10.9g, 1 complete, 1 edge damage, 1 patinated (mixed periods)). 1 end-and side scraper (7.9g complete and patinated). Made on a hard-hammer struck flake and has a regular abrupt retouch applied inversely at the distal end directly along the left edge. Retains cortex along the left edge forming a natural back. Lightly patinated in areas and this has been removed by subsequent retouching, suggesting it was made on a recycled flake. Made on light yellowish-brown flint with thin buff-coloured cortex. (26.8 x 28.7 x 8.5 mm: late bronze Age/ Iron Age) (Dr JT Hogue December 2018)


  • Feature: ELM_401
    • East to west ditch across southern end of Trench 4

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  • Nick Borman 16-8-2018
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