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    • Large coin. Obverse illegible, Reverse figure of Virtus flanked by S to left and C to right. 32.7 > 32.0 mm x 4.0 mm. This was very worn with the portrait barely visible, although the reverse was in better condition. It is a sestertius (copper-alloy) of Hadrian dated to between AD 121 and AD 123 (RIC II, Part 3, 2nd ed., 678–682), so around the time Hadrian arrived in Britain. Copper-alloy coinage of the period from AD 70֪–c. 260 was a stable period and the earlier coinage was still circulating by the end (Reece 2002, 42–43).
      • Nat Jackson
    • 2-5-2023

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From Context

  • Context: ELM_4240
    • Rubble filled gully running NW-SE
    • David Wallace
    • 24-8-2022