Features at Elmswell Farm

Explore the open archaeological data from our digs at Elmswell Farm

Basic Information

  • Robbed out wall


  • Context: ELM_4083
    • file_image
    • Robbed wall aligned east west
    • David Wallace
    • 26-8-2020
  • Context: ELM_4135
    • file_image
    • Cut of robbed out wall 4083
    • Ben Swain
    • 30-8-2020


    • Formed through robbing of a wall. The wall, aligned east to west, which no longer present was excavated leaving the 4135, this was later backfilled, 4083, with probable broken rubble stones from the removal of the wall. Potentially part of the same structure as F428 and F440 as the walls run parallel.
      • David Wallace
    • 1-10-2020

Dating Narrative

    • Late 1st to 2nd century AD. A small group of pottery including grey ware and an oxidised Ebor ware sherd.
      • Chris Casswell
    • 4-12-2020