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Short Description:
Charcoal rich fill of small pit [11015], N edge of TR11
Issued to
Doug Hopper | 25/08/2022


    • Fill of a small oval shaped pit containing a burnt charcoal fill and numerous pieces of pottery including near complete small bowl SF164. This fill also contained frequent small pieces of burnt bone. At this point it has not been determined if the bone is human or animal. Should it be human, this feature may represent a cremation burial where the ashes may have fallen out of bowl SF164 (or perhaps the bowl was a libation). However, it is perhaps more likely (should the bone be animal) that this feature simply represents a small rubbish pit for dumping waste. This theory is also backed up by the presence of numerous different fabrics of pottery discovered within the fill that are clearly from different vessels. Post excavation assessment of the bone will reveal more
      • Ben Swain
    • 31-8-2022

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Stratigraphic Matrix

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  • Moderately compact
  • Very dark greyish brown
  • Clayey silt
  • Very frequent charcoal pieces and flecks, occasional small to medium sized chalk pieces.
  • L - 0.80 W - 0.60 T - 0.16
  • Sample 33 taken from this fill
  • Hand Ex/dry




  • Feature: ELM_1109
    • Small rubbish pit truncating ditch F1108


  • Sample: ELM_33
    • Doug Hopper
    • 25-8-2022


  • Find: ELM_164
    • file_image
    • Almost complete small ceramic bowl
    • Ceramic

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  • Doug Hopper 25-8-2022
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