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Short Description:
SK4876 inside cut [4875].
Issued to
Henry Callender | 25/02/2020


    • Skeleton 4876 in cut 4875. Most of spine and all of ribs missing, similar for a lot of other graves in the area, unknown reason? Similar to other graves in fairly deep cut with vertical sides. Mixture of N-S and E-W burials in area, this one being N-S. No apparent grave goods in fill, however a lot of pottery sherds and one Fe pin recovered from the fill.
      • Henry Callender
    • 26-2-2020

Sketch Photo

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Stratigraphic Matrix

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  • Extended supine position with arms rested be side. All ribs and most spine missing entirely.
  • Head at southern end of the grave. Head in very fractured condition. The maxilla completely broken off and found to the east of the skull. Due to disturbance? Also, a lot of loose, unarticulated teeth found around the skull.
  • Right arm lying by side, humerus in poor condition and missing right scapula. Right hand resting next to pelvis. Middle and distal phalanges were not visible, possible recovery from samples.
  • Left arm lying by side with left hand rested over pelvis. Similar condition to right arm.
  • Right leg lying towards north end of grave. Left fibula missing. Both patella in tact. Top ball of femur broken off.
  • Left leg lying towards north end of the grave.
  • Feet relatively intact and in situ. Possible recovery of various phalanges in sample.
  • Poor condition, large parts missing. Skull heavily damaged.
  • Same as.
  • Photos 5933 - 6007 photogrammetry, photos 6008 & 6009 record shots of skeleton.




  • Feature: WIT_863
    • Burial (Sk.4876)

Site Photos

  • Photo: WIT_206008
    • file_image
    • S looking record shot of SK4876. 0.4m scale
  • Photo: WIT_206009
    • file_image
    • S looking record shot of SK4876. 0.4m scale


  • Plan: WIT_259
    • Plan of Iron Age round house. 1:50. Sheet 45.
    • Indie Jago
    • 11-3-2020


  • Find: WIT_109
    • file_image
    • Part of a Bone Comb
    • Bone

Record Details

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  • Henry Callender 25-2-2020
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