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  • Worked base of timber post

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    • Base of post/stake
      • Chris Casswell
    • 12-7-2019
    • Formed from a half split tree trunk, the top is degraded whilst the base has been worked from two directions with an axe, forming a relatively blunt point. The angle of the cut and the presence of a slight hinge, suggests this may be a felling scar. It is unclear if the timber was a set post or a driven pile, although the relatively shallow angle of the base suggests the former. The tool facets are flat in form and as such, seem likely to have been produced by an iron tool. The post / pile is suggested to be Romano-British in date.
      • Mike Bamforth
    • 23-9-2019

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  • Measures 645 x 285 x 145mm.

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  • Context: WIT_25006
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    • Post base
    • Chris Casswell
    • 9-7-2019