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Basic Information

  • Linear


  • Context: WIT_2509
    • Cut of linear
    • Indie Jago
    • 4-2-2021
  • Context: WIT_2510
    • Fill of linear [2509]
    • Indie Jago
    • 4-2-2021


    • A curvilinear feature in the 'car park' trench part of trench 2. It ran from the southern baulk of the trench for 15m curving and terminating by the potential entrance of the roundhouse F320. It was 0.42m wide and 0.10m deep. It's probably late Iron Age or Roman in date and might have been part of an enclosure or possibly for drainage.
      • Nat Jackson
    • 25-2-2021

Dating Narrative

  • No Interpretations